Fibre Glass Flat Roof

What makes Elite Home Improvements your best choice?

At E.H.I Limited we know that a well-designed and fully installed flat roof will not just look stunning on your property but will never give you any headaches. With all the resources and technology available today flat roofs have gone from being the annoying puddle filled area above the garage, into a part of your house you no longer need to worry. A properly installed flat roof will last a life time and keep you safe from all the elements outside.

More about flat roofs and help you understand what to look for.

Over the years the installation methods involved in flat roofing have changed, gone are the days when felt roofs are the only option, modern technology has changed so much that we can now offer a verity of options. When it comes to your flat roof or any roofing work to be fair, you need to know that the company you are about to choose are reputable and have a great back catalogue of completed projects and happy customers. Now you may say, yes of course but so many local roofers think they can do it all but generally repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Additionally insurance companies will not pay out if any work is due to poor workmanship or faulty installation. Flat Roof installation and especially GRP and EPDM are not your average roofing projects.

Things you must avoid:

  • Sub standard roofing materials
  • Unqualified installers
  • A company  without a quality track record in this industry
  • Not following ALL correct health and safety regulations
  • Uninsured Contractors

Any of these in any combination will only end bad for you and your new roof. For more information please see our blog to read articles on how to choose the right contractor and materials for the job

What should you be looking for:

  • A company that employs multi skilled employees trained in all aspects of roofing and building
  • A company that holds all insurance certificates and can adhere to all health and safety regulations
  • A company that has the  experience to keep up to date with all modern technology and ever changing methods and materials

Elite Home Improvements are a leading in the  North West  installer for several of the following Flat Systems.

  • GRP Fibreglass 
  • Epdm
  • RubberRoid – Rubber Roofs
  • Polycarbonate
  • Concrete
  • Bitumen
  • Marine Ply
  • OSB3 smart ply
  • Firestone
  • Other Liquid Roofing

 If you would like more information on all these materials and there manufactures then please visit the following pages Rubber, Grp and EPDM. With all our services and products we offer we would be more than happy to help provide case studies and past jobs with all health and safety documentation required.