Solar Panels

Convert Light Into Electricity With A Solar PV System

Solar PV systems use a thin layer of semi-conducting material, such as silicon, which is then enclosed in a glass or plastic casing. Solar PV systems range in size from the versions commonly seen on calculators to systems of multiple large solar cells that have been linked up to power large buildings.

When the cells are exposed to sunlight, the semi-conducting material causes electrons in the atoms of the material to be knocked loose and flow through the material to create a direct current (DC). As households use alternating current (AC), the DC is carried though wiring to an inverter, which transforms DC into AC. The electricity is then used within the home or fed back to the National Grid.

Pros And Cons Of Solar PV Systems


You can benefit from the government’s feed-in tariff, which pays a set rate per kWh of electricity that is generated and an additional rate for any that is exported back to the National Grid.The feed-in tariff is guaranteed for 20 years by the government.
The payments are index linked to the rate of inflation, so match the rate every April.
The payments are tax free for domestic households.
Panels designed for European countries generate power even on cloudy days; they simply need light to produce electricity.
Clean energy means that you can reduce your carbon emissions by up to 1tonne per annum.
Producing your own power helps to protect against rising energy prices.


A large area of un-shaded south, southwest or southeast facing roof is required to maximise payback. Smaller systems can be installed but payback will be longer.
Panels degrade overtime by approximately 20% over 25 years; this, however, is taken into account in most reputable suppliers’ calculations.
It may be beneficial to replace the inverter after 10 years to optimise power generation, although this is not essential.

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