These terms and conditions explain your rights and responsibilities and also ours. Throughout, the word “you” means the customer and “we” means Elite Home Improvements (EHI’S)

  1. Installation: We will deliver the goods referred to overleaf and carry out the work as specified on this and on any related continuation sheets. EHI’s policy is one of continuous improvement of its products; we therefore reserve the right to incorporate modifications of minor technical nature in products to be installed.
  2. Payment: You have paid the deposit shown overleaf. Where you have not signed a credit agreement you agree to pay the balance of the purchase price on completion of the installation in one of the following ways:
  • Bank draft or building society cheque payable to Elite Home Improvements
  • Debit Card
  • Personal Cheque payable to Elite Home Improvements
  • Visa or Mastercard credit card. Where payment of the balance purchase is made by credit card a surcharge of 3% of the amount paid will be added.
  • For cash orders greater than £ 20,000, 50% of the balance outstanding is payable when the products are available for installation and the remaining balance is paid:
  • For the elements of installation that have been completed on the Friday of the week of installation.
  • Where installation is complete, all unpaid balances are payable on completion.

Any sum outstanding following installation will be subject to a late payment charge of 5% of the agreement value for the first month or part thereof, and thereafter to interest at the rate of 2.5% above the base lending rate for the time being fixed by Barclays Bank PLC.

  1. Access: You agree to provide reasonable access to enable installation to be completed as soon as possible after you have been advised that the goods are ready and you have reached the top of our fitting queue. The customer is reminded that Elite Home Improvements require access to power 240v and water throughout the course of the installation. If this cannot be met, please ensure a member of the installations department is made aware to make alternative arrangements before installation. Installation will then be made on a mutually convenient date and the balance of the contract price will then become due. If you have not permitted installation within 6 months of such advice then we reserve the right cancel the contract but you will still be responsible for the appropriate purchase price.


  1. Delivery Time: The installation target date quoted overleaf is that anticipated at the date of this agreement. This is an estimate and not a term of the agreement.


Elite Home Improvements cannot be held responsible for delay due to poor weather conditions, and it is to be understood by you the customer that weather conditions are a significant influencing factor to completing these works effectively and safely. It is understood that the customer accepts this in full and will be patient and understanding should a “re-book” of an installation be necessary.

Where any consents or permissions are required, as in clause 11 below, the installation target date quoted shall be deemed to commence on the first day following the receipt EHIs of written confirmation that the necessary consents or permissions have been granted. If any part of your order has not been installed by the target date you may serve written notice on us by recorded delivery post to Elite Home Improvements Unit 2 Sycamore Trading Estate Squires Gate Lane, Blackpool, FY4 3RL requiring the work to be completed within 6 weeks.

Any part of your order that is not installed within these 6 weeks may be cancelled without penalty if you then serve written notice on us to that effect and you will be reimbursed the deposit paid for the uninstalled part of your order. Not withstanding the foregoing, we will not be liable for any delay in installation due to factors beyond our control, including delays occurring due to applications/granting of local authority approvals.  If you As the customer, decide to defer installation beyond 6 months, We reserve the right to cancel the contract and retain the deposit paid.

  1. Health and Safety: Health and safety risk assessments will be conducted by Elite Home Improvements prior to the commencement of any works. It is understood by the customer that Elite Home Improvements take health and safety very seriously and as a consequence require the customer to help keep risks and accidents to a minimum. This means providing clear access for men and materials, limiting traffic and pedestrians and visitors around a working area, and prohibiting all small children and pets from entering the working area. A working area is defined as any area scaffolding, or ladders may be present, and/or directly around that area to the radius of 10-15 meters. This are should be acknowledged as being a ‘no-go’ area by the customer, visitors and guests throughout the installation.

Our workers are trained in HSE (Health and Safety Executive) practises and will be wearing appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). It is understood by you the customer that without such training and equipment you are at high risk of danger if you enter a working area.

No customer is permitted to climb on ladders or scaffolding without written consent and supervision of Mr Alfred Milner Director of elite home improvements

  1. Guarantees: The guarantees are given in addition to all your rights under Common Law and Statute.

The guarantees are effective provided payment has been made or, in the case of Finance Agreements, provided regular payments are maintained.

  • We guarantee to repair or, where is reasonable to do so, replace free of charge any Elite Home Improvements item which develops fault due to defective materials or construction provided written notice is given within the relevant guarantee period from the date of installation except as stated below.

The following items are subject to the guarantee periods indicated. All guarantee periods run from the date of installation and written notice must be given within that period:

White soffits, bargeboards, cladding and fascia’s – Guarantee period is 5 Years.

Gutter Guard is guaranteed against defects or deterioration causing gutters to overflow for a period of 3 Years.


Ancillary goods supplied and fitted by Elite Home Improvements but which are not manufactured by Elite Home Improvements, such as mechanical or electrical systems, Velux windows, UPVC windows, doors and conservatories – only the guarantee provided by the supplier will apply.

  • EHI LTD policy is one of continuous improvement of its products. It may therefore be necessary to incorporate such modifications into any replacement products.
  • Where we have undertaken building work part of the contracted customer agreement, such building work will be subject to a guarantee of ten years.
  • The guarantees do not cover the following and we can accept no liability for:
  1. Minor imperfections in glass within visual standards laid down by the Glass and Glazing Federation;
  2. The prevention or reduction of condensation;
  3. Damage or faults resulting from subsidence due to soil shrinkage or underground workings or damage caused by the failure of foundations or structure where these have not been constructed by Elite Home Improvements
  4. Minor defects to plaster work or brick work due to settlement;
  5. Damage or faults resulting from normal wear and tear( which includes discolouration or frost damage to brick work or driveways, roof tiles and slates ) or the customer’s failure to comply with Elite Home Improvements cleaning and maintenance instructions or to accident, misuse or neglect;
  6. In the case of flat roofs, natural colour changes caused by exposure to light and nail pop;
  7. Damage or faults resulting from landslide, subsidence, flooding or drought and storm damage. ( these would constitute a genuine insurance claim on the customers home buildings insurance policy )
    • We offer a 20 year guarantee for Rubberbond Fleeceback EPDM against any fault resulting in water ingress, so long as the fault is not associated with or results from misuse, tamper or neglect. Full details on Rubberbond guarantees will be provided upon request.

All guarantees relate to the installation address detailed in this agreement and may be transferred to new homeowners on payment of a reasonable administration fee.

  • We also offer a ten year guarantee on all 3 layer SBS TecnaTorch felt flat roof systems against any fault resulting in water ingress, so long as the fault is not associated with or results from misuse, tamper or neglect.
  • All sand and cement works (repointing) and general repairs are covered by a standard 12 month guarantee.
  • All dry ridge, dry verge and leadwork contracts are covered by a 15 year guarantee against any fault resulting in water ingress, so long as the fault is not associated with or results from misuse, tamper or neglect.
  • All new slate and pitched tiled re-roofs are covered by a 25 year guarantee subject to Elite Home Improvements maintenance contract with yearly inspections.

7              Surveyors Report: One of Elite Home Improvements trained surveyors will be assigned to survey your contract. This surveyor will contact you as soon as is reasonably practicable after your contract is confirmed to make a convenient appointment to carry out a site inspection. You will be offered an appointment date that is within 4 weeks of the date that the contract is signed.  He will start by checking the full specification to ensure accuracy, feasibility and will check your personal requirements.

If the surveyor reports that there are problems relating, for example, to structure (including the presence of hazardous materials such as asbestos), dimensions or access to the property (including the need to arrange scaffolding) then without obligation on your part, we may quote a price for the additional work. If you decline to accept the revised quotation, then we may cancel the agreement by sending you a written notice to that effect and your deposit will be returned.

Alternatively, if the surveyor reports that there are significant technical problems which make the manufacturer or satisfactory installation of the items materially more difficult than initially anticipated, then we reserve the right to cancel the agreement by sending you written notice to that effect and your deposit will be returned except in the case of asbestos, where we shall be entitled to deduct a reasonable survey and analysis costs. Please note that where an existing concrete roof has deteriorated significantly it may not be possible for us to satisfactorily replace or refurbish it. If our surveyor considers that this problem exists, this will amount to a significant technical problem permitting us to cancel the agreement as above. In the event that the contract is cancelled in accordance with this clause, then written reasons will be provided to you but cancelation will be without further liability attaching to either party. The surveyors decision will be final and will bind both parties if he feels that it is more suited that an alternative product/method is to be employed during these works.

  1. Installation Site:
    • The technical survey carried out by Elite Home Improvements is not a full structural survey of your property and will only deal with items which are reasonably ascertainable from an external examination of the installation site. The contract price is therefore calculated on the basis that your property is structurally sound, and there are no factors not reasonably ascertainable from an external examination of the installation site (including the presence of hazardous materials such as asbestos and the omission of lintels) which would make completion of the contract more difficult, than reasonably anticipated on such survey. If such factors are found to exist at any time after the technical survey, then we reserve the right to charge an additional fee for carrying out the additional work required.
    • If this agreement is for the installation of a new flat roof or new flat roof or new pitched tiled/slate re-roof, it is entered into on the basis that:
  2. The roof joists are in good condition; if on removing the existing roof it is apparent that they are not in good condition then you agree that you will immediately arrange for remedial work to be carried out at your own expense so as to put the joist in a condition which is suitable for the fitting of the new flat roof or pitched tiled roof. We can accept no responsibility for undertaking such work nor for delay, los or expensive that may be caused thereby; and
  3. We accept no responsibility for “nail pop” (during the flat roofing works)i.e. minor  damage to the plaster ceiling immediately under ne decking boards which is caused by the nails used to fix the boards to the joists. We will fit decking boards with all due care but depending upon the condition of the ceiling some minor marks maybe unavoidable.

If you are in doubt as to the condition of your property you are advised to consider obtaining your own survey report.

  1. Removal of existing slates and tiles: Existing slates and tiles which are necessary to remove, will be cleared from site unless you have asked our surveyor to arrange for them to be left and this is noted on the form that you will be asked to sign at the time of technical survey. We do not guarantee that we can remove them so that they can be used elsewhere but our installers will attempt to do so if the surveyor is asked when he calls to prepare the technical specification.
  2. Additional Work: Unless otherwise stated on the face of this agreement you will be responsible for the removal and replacement (and alteration if required) of the repositioning of telephone or burglar alarm fittings, wires and any other electrical connections or Aerials or gas installations to enable the goods to be installed. We also must remind customers that following chimney stack works, a Gas Safe registered contractor must be employed separately and immediately to carry out a gas safety check at the separate expense of the customer. No fires, boilers or heating systems (associated with chimney stack) must be used until this safety check has been carried out.
  3. Planning Consents: Elite Home Improvements personnel are not able to advise on whether any consents are necessary. It shall be entirely your responsibility to identify the need for any necessary planning permissions, building regulation consents, building warrants or other similar consents or approvals and to obtain those which we have not agreed in writing to apply for on your behalf such document identifying specifically the consents for which we have agreed to apply. We shall not be obliged to perform this agreement until we have received confirmation satisfactory for us that all such consents and approvals have been obtained.

If at your request we agree to carry out any part of this agreement before all such consents and approvals have been obtained, we shall do so entirely at your risk and responsibility in so far as concerns such consents and approvals and you will be responsible for, and we will be able to claim form you, at any costs or losses we reasonably incur as a result of so doing. You will be and remain responsible for the payment of all fees and charges incurred in connection with the obtaining with the obtaining of any such permission or consents, whether or not successfully obtained.

  1. Guttering and Maintenance: Elite Home Improvements gutter systems are maintenance free for the guarantee period. However gutters that are not fitted with Elite Home Improvements Gutter Guard do require periodic clean out remove leaves and other natural debris. Such work will be chargeable to the customer if this is the sole reason for a maintenance call. Full continuous maintenance contracts can be undertaken by Elite Home Improvements upon request, details of which will be provided upon completion.
  2. Credit Agreement: If you have signed a Credit Agreement which relates to this agreement through Way 2 Pay, the method of payment is not as specified in clause 2 above and the cancellation rights are not as specified in clause 17 below, but are specified in full in the terms and conditions

And on the face of the Credit Agreement provided by Way 2 Pay finance.

  1. Status Check: we reserve the right to make credit and other similar enquiries in respect of our customers before installation takes place. If these enquiries reasonably lead us to believe that there is a significant risk of payment not being made then we reserve the right to ask you to make payment of the full contract price before materials are ordered and before any works are carried out. Should we request you to make such payment then we will on request supply you with a copy of the information on which we have relied. IF you decline t make payment, then we may cancel the contract. Your deposit will be returned in full but we will have no further liability.
  2. Data Protection and use of Personal Information: We will use your information to personalise our communications with you and to inform you of Elite Home Improvements products services and offers we think may be of interest to you and we may pass your information to other carefully selected associated companies who may provide you with information on their products and services. We may contact you by post, email or telephone for these purposes, if you have provided this information. If you do not wish your personal information be used for either of the purposes described above please write to ‘The Data controller, Elite Home Improvements Unit 2 Sycamore Trading Estate Squires Gate Lane, Blackpool, FY4 3RL. Note that if you do not allow us to send your information to the guarantee bodies and product manufacturers such as Flex-R Rubberbond UK headquarters, they will be unable to send you a certificate of compliance and you will have to obtain this yourself.

Where insurance backed guarantees are requested, your name and address will be passed on to our authorised insurance provider to enable them to write to you and offer the insurance cover.

  1. General: You should ensure that any representation or promise made before or at the time you sign this agreement that is not included on this document or any related continuation sheets is added in writing on the face of the agreement and signed by you and by our representative