Valley Replacement/Repairs

Roof Valley Repair

Roof valleys are prone to leaks, since they see the majority of water and snow that land on your roof. Read on for information on roof valley leaks and repair.



Common reasons for roof valley leaks are improper construction, a lack of maintenance and age.

Improper Construction of a Roof Valley

Often, roofing nails are placed too close to the roof valley. Roofing nails should be a minimum of six to ten inches away from the seam of the valley. Otherwise, the nails will draw moisture through the roofing material, causing advanced aging of the roofing material. This will also make your roof susceptible to high wind damage.

If your roof valley was installed without an ice and water shield, there is a higher likelihood of leaks. When performing a roof valley repair, you should also install an ice and water shield if there is none, which will involve removing extra shingles from your roof. If your roof has many roof valleys, a complete overhaul may be more economical.

Roof ValleysA complete overhaul, not just a repair, may be needed for homes with many roof valleys 

Lack of Maintenance in Roof Valleys

Roof valleys funnel water and debris down into your gutters. If debris such as leaves and branches build up in your roof valleys, the water cannot flow quickly down and will eventually find its way through your roof. Make sure you clean your roof at least twice a year to clear away this debris.

Aging in Roof Valleys

Aging shingles have seen many sunny days, snow falls and thunder storms. Over time, your shingles will dry out, shrink and crack. This will of course allow water to seep through your roof into your home.

An older roof valley will likely have an old repair or two. Sealants used for repair don’t have always have a long life span and will begin to crack and chip away, creating a perfect spot for roof leaks

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